Animals !

We have a HUGE selection of animals here at
our 800 acre training facility.

Our animals are part of our family & much loved.

If you are looking to cast a specific animal that we do
not have - we will find it for you.

Creatures on Call
~ A Menagerie of Movie Stars ~

- Dogs -

Humprey the German Shepherd
Ivan the Blue Cattle Dog
Alice the Dalmatian
Flash the long haired Border Collie
Joyce the Toy Poodle
Bella the short coat Border Collie
Jeremiah the Cattle Dog
Odin medium size cross breed
Forrest medium size cross breed

- Cats -

Super Steve - Ginger Tabby
Soso - Black & white
Thomas - Brown Tabby
Mel - Ginger
Henry - Ginger & White Tabby

To see phots of our animals - click here to go to our Pictures Page
      - Horses -

Spook - white Stallion
Barbie - beautiful Palomino
Spot - the American Indian Paint Horse
Kye big & bold sorrel
Muffy - Appaloosa miniature horse
Misty - blue eyed red dun
Ranga - Red ranga
- Cattle -            

Bert - Huge Black & white Bullock
Heather - Hereford
Jazzy - Jersey House Cow
Maybella - Jersey cross Friesian Cow
And many more .....
- Sheep -          

Sir Lamington -  wether
Baabra & Anne -  ewes
Plus many more sheep & lambs...

     - Other Animals -

Chooks - Ducks - Birds - Monkey - Cockies